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Lecturefox.com - Free Online University Lectures

Through Lecturefox , those with an interest in mathematics, computer science and other scientific fields can find lectures from some of the top universities in the world. The website searches open courseware files from professors at universities such as Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley for anyone to access.

Finding a Lecture

The lectures available through Lecturefox primarily focus on the areas of physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. When the page is opened, a list of the newest lectures is displayed. The display will help someone looking for a random topic find interesting lessons to review, but is disorganized and not helpful to someone looking for a specific topic. Specific topics within those areas can be found using the website’s search feature.

mainpage” border=
Lecturefox main page featuring recently listed lectures

While science, computer and mathematical topics are the focus of Lecturefox, the lectures available are not limited to those subject areas. Clicking on “faculty mix” will bring up a hodgepodge of lesson plans on everything from European Civilization to the Psychology of Surveys. Like the list of lectures on the main page, the faculty mix section is not well organized, with lectures being ranked by popularity. However, the search feature also displays lectures from this section.

Lectures listed on faculty mix page

Types of Lectures

Prefer a video lecture so you can feel like you are actually in the classroom? Want an audio lecture that you can listen to on the go? Need lecture notes to help you follow along, use as a study tool or skim the lesson? Lecturefox notes whether each of these three features are available for every lecture. If you prefer to not watch a video lecture, you can skip the search results that have that designation. Unfortunately, there is no way to narrow your search to display only lectures with one or more of these features, so you must scroll through all results to find what you need.
Even though it may be difficult to find the type of lesson you want, one thing is for sure. Lecturefox offers high quality lectures. They range from basic introductory courses, such as Calculus I, to more complex courses, such as Marine Organic Geochemistry. Because lectures must be from official university sources, the topics available are limited, making Lecturefox more of a resource for those looking for common introductory topics and those who are just looking to watch a university lecture for fun, without caring as much about the specific topic.

Higher Education News

In addition to the lectures listed by Lecturefox, the website’s blog keeps users up-to-date on the latest programs and innovations in the world of higher education technology. It highlights open courseware programs that are regularly being adopted by top universities and shares other resources related to the resources those universities post online.

Written May 2, 2012 by Tracy Zeiger


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