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Chockadoc - View Documentaries Online

A great documentary can bring a subject to life. Chockadoc helps teachers and students delve further into subjects by offering a large selection of free documentaries. Over 2,000 documentaries are offered by Chockadoc. They range from biographies and other educational documentaries to those focused on sports and the performing arts.
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CK12 - Free Textbooks, Videos And Concept Maps

For teachers, getting all of the textbooks and other resources to support a diverse student body is expensive. The CK-12 Foundation seeks to make education more affordable by providing teachers and students with access to free textbooks and standards-based STEM content. It all exists in a collaborative learning community called the FlexBook Platform.
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Brightstorm - Free Math, Science And English Videos

When they leave school, students still often need help completing homework and other assignments. Brightstorm is designed to help students by offering free math, science and English videos from top teachers. The website also offers paid programs to help students with their math homework and provide test prep materials.
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Lecturefox - Free Online University Lectures

Through Lecturefox , those with an interest in mathematics, computer science and other scientific fields can find lectures from some of the top universities in the world. The website searches open courseware files from professors at universities such as Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley for anyone to access.
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Math-Open-Reference - Useful Tools to Teach Geometry

Math Open Reference is a website that helps explain math concepts such as different areas of Geometry, including Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Solid Geometry.
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Watchknow - Free Educational Video Wiki is a huge, user-edited directory of quality educational videos for kids ages 3-18, categorized by subject and age. Currently, more than 12 000 videos are included.
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Kideos - Free, Safe Videos For Kids is a new site similar to, where children can watch fun videos (mostly from Youtube) that have been screened and approved by parents.
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Neok12 - Organized Educational Videos is a website that lists educational videos by subject. All videos can be viewed directly on sites such as Youtube as well, but Neok12 makes it much easier to find them. The videos illustrate a wide array of subjects including math, social studies and science.
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Factmonster - Information and Homework Help for Children is a free reference website where kids can get help with their homework, search for facts on thousands of subjects, or do quizzes and crosswords.
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Enchantedlearning - Picture Dictionary for Kids

The website offers a huge amount of encyclopaedic information, handouts and printouts for children.
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Teachertube - Educational Videos and Lesson Plans

Teachertube is a video sharing website similar to Youtube, where users can upload educational videos and lesson plans.
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Periodicvideos - Learn Chemistry From Youtube Videos

This website offers one interesting and entertaining Youtube video for each element in the periodic table of elements.
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Favorite - The Greatest Free Online Encyclopedia

Wikipedia is an excellent multilingual, online encyclopedia compiled by a distributed network of volunteers from all around the world.
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Howstuffworks - Learn How Everything Works

On the website, you will learn how computers, cars and cell phones actually work. Or learn something new about the human body, such as why you have two lungs but only one heart.
Read more... (02/16/2007) - MIT Open Courseware Free Education

OCW is a web based publication of free course materials used at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT). On this site you can download labs, lecture notes, exams and problem sets. You can also watch lecture videos and demonstrations covering a wide variety of subjects.
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