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Thatquiz.org - Create Online Math Exams And Tests

Thatquiz.org is an online assessment tool useful for teachers and home schoolers. It can be used with any subject, but is especially useful for math practice and testing.Teachers can create individualized tests, or access a public test library.

In order to create new classes and tests, teachers need to register on the site. Registration is free, and students do not need to register to run the tests. Tests can be password protected. Tests of different types can be built, such as matching tests, short answer tests and multple choice tests.

After the students have run the tests, the teacher can review each student's test results online.

Public math tests are available on the following subjects: Arithmetic, Fractions, Time, Triangles, Inequality, Arithmetic, Money, Shapes, Exponents, Simplify, Place Value, Points, Calculus, Probability, Graphs and Angels.

Taking an online fractions test

Editing a class in the teacher admin panel of thequiz.com

Written August 3, 2009
The following languages are supported:
Catalan , English , French , Polish , Slovenian , Spanish .


User Reviews & Comments

05/22/2017 Candy
Worked great until the site went down and hasn't been back up. Great time for the year for it to happen....when my students are using it to review for their final exams :( Very frustrating!

09/22/2009 Kym
Very Easy...cuts down on grading and provides useful reports for data purposes.

09/22/2009 Kym
Very Easy...cuts down on grading and provides useful reports for data purposes.

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