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Scootpad.com - Boost Math and Reading Skills

Children in kindergarten through fifth grade can use ScootPad to boost their math and reading skills. The fun, interactive website features games, questions and activities. Kids participate in a self-paced, personalized program that helps make building math and reading skills an engaging process.

Personalized Practice

Kids who use ScootPad have access to personalized math and reading practice. The SkillsDNA adaptive learning platform helps determine the level of practice children need and automatically adds new content or adapts current content to meet a child’s learning needs. For a classroom, the personalized practice allows multiple students to be working on different materials at once and teachers do not have to go into the system and constantly adjust the individual learning settings.

In addition to offering personalized practice, the questions and activities featured on ScootPad are aligned with the Common Core Standards. Even if students are working above their grade-level, they will still be mastering skills that relate directly to the standards. This makes it easy for teachers to seamlessly integrate ScootPad into their classroom.

common core standards
Content aligned to Common Core State Standards

Motivation to Learn

Along with providing personalized, standards-based content, ScootPad rewards students for practicing their math and reading skills. As they answer questions correctly, kids earn virtual coins which can be used to purchase rewards. Parents and teachers set the rewards students can earn and the amount of coins it takes to earn each reward. This allows them to choose rewards that are guaranteed to motivate children. For example, one child may earn 50 coins for the opportunity to choose what to have for dinner, while another may save up thousands of coins to earn a trip to the zoo.

Scootpad leaderboard

ScootPad also lets students motivate each other. Students can work their way to the top of the leaderboard and earn badges to show off their accomplishments. They can also add up to 3 friends and track their progress or send encouraging shout-outs, such as “you rock!” or “brilliant!”

Tracking Progress

While students are having fun learning, ScootPad makes it easy for teachers and parents to track their progress. Teachers have the ability to track each students’ proficiency related to the Common Core State Standards. They can also instantly track progress related to the different tiers of Response-to-Intervention (RTI) and quickly assess whether more intervention is needed. Parents also have access to easy-to-read proficiency tracking reports, performance snapshots and a daily digest of a child’s activity.

progress report
Progress Reports

Even though ScootPad’s personalized learning system is automated, parents and teachers still have some control over what skills students practice. Both can select individual standards or skills for additional practice or manually set proficiency levels to make the practice more challenging for students.

ScootPad is easy to navigate and engaging for students. It can be accessed 24/7 from multiple devices, including tablets, Kindle, Edmodo and Schoology. The fact that it is limited to math and reading skills and only caters to students in grades K through 5 means that it may not be something students access all of the time. However, for students who need help with elementary math and reading it is a highly engaging, entertaining website.

Written November 5, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger

Mathematics , Reading

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