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Pete’s Power Point Station

Pete’s Power Point Station, is an extensive collection of free PowerPoint presentations for teachers. The site features a wide and detailed assortment of presentations across all academic subjects.

When you visit the site, you’ll almost immediately notice a retro look and glaring advertisements, but don’t let them distract you. This site is a terrific resource for teachers who want to use PowerPoint presentations as a means of integrating more visual components into their lessons.

The site’s colorful homepage.

Navigating the Site

The site is well-organized, with multiple ways to search for presentations. The home page features a large grid with a broad assortment of school subjects. Choosing a topic will immediately take you to a page with numerous options related to your topic of choice.

Many academic subjects are covered.

The menu on the home page only addresses a fraction of the full content on the site. Clicking the Sitemap link offers users another efficient way to locate more specific content.

The Sitemap offers a detailed list of topics.

The Sitemap is organized alphabetically, and includes topics which are relevant to teachers of all grades and subjects.
Current offerings include animals, astronomy, haiku poetry, test-taking skills, author Mary Pope Osborne and the French and Indian War. These represent a very small number of what’s available. A brief look at the Animals page shows multiple approaches to the topic.

Topics are broken down into smaller subtopics, making it easy to find appropriate content.

Educators who teach in religious schools will also find a large number of Bible-related and faith-based topics.
The true extensiveness of Pete’s Power Point Station is revealed when selecting an area from the Sitemap. Each topic has its own page, with multiple options. For example, Amelia Earhart’s page includes four options, along with additional resources for students and teachers further down the page. Many pages also include links to lesson plans which supplement the presentations.

A page of presentations about Amelia Earhart.

About the Presentations

Some presentations also include transcripts, which may allow the teacher to get a faster grasp of the content without sitting through a longer presentation. This presentation on literary terms also includes a transcript so a teacher can see exactly what’s addressed.

A colorful animation of literary terms.

Transcripts can also be used by students who may find it helpful to supplement the presentation with text.

Some presentations have transcripts, an added bonus.

A lack of specific content pertaining to a topic is one challenge teachers may face when searching online for educational materials. However, the offerings at PPPST are highly focused. For example, the American History topic is broken down into numerous smaller topics. This image shows just a handful of possibilities.

A sampling of what the American History collection includes.

While the quality may vary from presentation to presentation and there are some dead links on the site, the abundance of options makes it likely that a good-quality presentation fitting your needs will be available. Even though PPPST looks like it hasn’t been updated in a very long time, it still provides teachers with an abundance of potential presentations to help them reach and teach their students.

Written May 5, 2015 by Tracy Derrel


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