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MathChimp.com: A Collection of Common-Core Aligned Activities for Students in Grades 1-8

Teachers seeking to enhance math instruction for their students will find useful, fun resources on MathChimp.com. The site’s owners describe it as a directory; it does not feature its own original content. Instead, the owners have identified high-quality resources on other sites, including KhanAcademy.org, CoolMathGames.com and MathEBook.net, and provide links to these materials.

The home page has an uncluttered design, making it easy to find materials.

There are three potential avenues for improving skills: videos, games and worksheets. All the content is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by forty-five states and Washington D.C.
The site is well-organized. Choosing one of the site’s three offerings requires the user to select a grade, then a standard.

Resources are searchable by grade.

At this time, only grades 1 through 8 are represented. The standards are organized into subsets called domains, which are further broken down into more specific skills. Users can create free accounts on the site, which allows them to help other users by rating the videos, games and worksheets.


A large collection of games across grade levels gives teacher and students numerous options. For example, a fourth grader who needed to work on fraction equivalence and ordering would find several games targeted to those skills.

A selection of fourth grade fraction games.

Each grade’s main games page also includes additional information of what the standards require.

Ample information about the standards is provided.

The Common Core Standards have significantly raised the bar even for the youngest students, but teachers will find multiple options for supporting them with fun, engaging materials. Games tend to be very popular with students.
Space Racer Multiplication is one of the most popular fourth grade games.


Visual learners will appreciate the videos, which are easy to locate based on skill. However, the selections for videos are not as plentiful as the choices for worksheets and games. Currently, there is only one seventh grade video and two sixth grade videos. However, the continued implementation of Common Core State Standards, along with the interest in using video as an instructional tool will likely lead to a greater scope and selection of videos.
A second grade teacher who wanted to supplement a lesson on place value understanding and place value properties to add and subtract would have two choices from Khan Academy.

One of the possibilities from Khan Academy.

A Khan Academy video for third graders features multiple ways to express division. (img)

A video on division for third graders.


Despite the increased role of multi-media teaching materials, worksheets have retained their popularity. They provide teachers with a quick and easy option for teaching and reinforcing skills. MathChimp features high-quality worksheets addressing a range of key skills. Most grades feature between 4 and 7 choices, though fifth grade currently has none. Not every Common Core domain is represented.
An eighth grade teacher seeking to reinforce skills with functions would find one worksheet on defining, evaluating and comparing functions.

An eighth grade worksheet on functions.

A Resource in Progress

While MathChimp offers many great resources, teachers will find that it may not provide support with all the skills they need to teach. However, the site’s owners clearly vet everything for quality and have created a well-organized repository of materials to help students master the skills they need to meet the standards.

Written February 23, 2013 by Tracy Derrel


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07/10/2017 lorry l miranda
im theacher in elementary how to download this please help me please

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