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Earthquakes for Kids: A Complete Resource for Teachers

Teachers of earth science at any grade level will find a collection of engaging and well-organized resources at Earthquakes for Kids.,
This site is part of the U.S. Geological Survey, the only federal agency responsible for recording and reporting earthquake data. The organization’s goal is to reduce the hazards presented by earthquakes by providing information to the public. Their educational materials provide teachers with several potential entry points into the study of earthquakes.

The site features an eye-catching animated homepage with a dozen subtopics. Teachers can choose from several possible approaches to expanding student knowledge about earthquakes. The resources include a variety of tools for teacher-direction lessons, as well as possibilities for independent student work.

It’s easy to find resources on this well-organized page.

A Variety of Visuals

Many students find scientific concepts very challenging to work with. The use of visual aids can provide them with another method of comprehending the material. Combining text with visuals can help students gain a stronger grasp of challenging ideas. Earthquakes for Kids , includes multiple visual resources which can be used for several purposes.
The Earthquake Pictures section features photo galleries spanning back to the historic 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which destroyed more than three-quarters of the city. It also includes more recent Northridge earthquake from 1994, which caused $20 billion dollars worth of damage.

Photos include domestic and international quakes.

Sixteen key earthquake concepts are featured in the Animations section. The animations are short but valuable; additional text is provided to further explain each concept.

Concepts are brought to life on the Animations page.

The Science of Earthquakes page also features diagrams and pictures, organized in a question-and answer format.

The Earthquake Science page contains a high level of detail.

In addition to these visually-based resources, Earthquakes for Kids also includes a Links and Activities page with additional teaching tools, mostly from external websites.

Space Racer Multiplication is one of the most popular fourth grade games.

The Earthquake Topics for Education page also features links to educational resources for students and teachers.

The site links to a wealth of additional resources on other sites.

Content for Independent Study

The site also includes activities the students can complete independently. The Puzzle and Games page provides links to coloring pages, numerous puzzles, quizzes and games.

Games and puzzles can extend lessons taught in class.

Science projects and fairs remain popular activities. Students who are interested in geophysics can visit the Science Fair Project Ideas page, which features twenty possibilities related to earthquakes, as well as links to other sites with additional ideas.

Finding a project topic just got easier.

Younger students will enjoy the Earthquake ABC, a simply illustrated glossary of earthquake-related terms. Earthquake ABC is accompanied by a guide for parents to help prepare children who live in earthquake-prone areas.

Involve parents with the Earthquake ABC book.

Older students can research the academic requirements needed to become earthquake scientists, also known as geophysicists. The page includes details on the different aspects of earthquake science, the types of academic credentials needed, and the different types of jobs for geophysicists.

There is detailed information for kids interested in science careers.


Earthquakes for Kids , contains a wealth of information for both teachers and students. There is an extensive amount of content, which is well-organized and educationally sound.

Written February 23, 2013 by Tracy Derrel


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