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CarrotSticks.com - An Entertaining Math Game For Kids

Even though the math quiz game Carrotsticks.com is filled with mathematical quiz-work that most students would frown upon in school, it is organized in such a creative way that the act of figuring out math problems quickly becomes a form of entertainment.

It isn't easy to turn math into a game, but somehow Carrotsticks pulls it off in very good form with a cumulative score based on correct answers, prizes at each stage of scoring, and a terrific multiplayer online community where children can actually compete with each other to see who can solve the most math problems faster.

math games for kids
Create a CarrotSticks Character

The very first thing a child must do when they visit Carrotsticks is to create a character. This is a very simple process of just scrolling to the right or left to choose an article of clothing or type of hairstyle, and then clicking on the color palette to select color options.

Character options are very cute, which makes sense in an online game that goes by the name "Carrotsticks." However, there are other character options for kids who want their cartoon avatar to look cool, serious or just plain silly.

math games for kids
Solving Math Problems

At first, the concept of this game seems overly simple. All you have to do is solve the math problem above your character's head. However, the simplicity of the game is deceiving. As you advance up to the higher levels, you'll notice that the math problems change significantly.

The interface with this online game is impressive. The cursor intuitively goes where you need it to go next, so that all you have to focus on is typing the correct number into the keyboard. This makes it much easier to solve complicated math problems very quickly.

math games for kids
Multiplayer Games

Another feature that really takes this online game to the next level is the fact that you can click on any of the online players and challenge them to a head-to-head math competition.

cool math games
Multiplayer Competition

When you're in the middle of a head-to-head match with another player, you'll find that it's very exciting as each of you race with the clock and with each other to answer more math problems correctly before the clock runs out!

cool math games
Racing Up the Charts

When you first start the game, you don't even have to sign up for an account. You can immediately start answering questions and accumulating points. At this stage, you can play all four game types - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

cool math games
Signing Up For An Account

Account sign-up takes only seconds. The child will need to know their parent's email address so that the parent can confirm that the child has permission to play the game.

elementary math games
Playing With a Free Account

Unfortunately, when you sign up for a free account, you can only play the addition games. While this is somewhat limiting, it is still very fun to play. However, if a parent really wants to get the most educational value out of the game, signing up for a paid account wouldn't be a bad idea.

elementary math games
Advanced Levels

As you gradually collect points and advance through the levels, the math problems change shape and become a little more difficult. You will go from adding single digit numbers in a line, to double digit numbers in the standard top to bottom format.

elementary math games
Get a High Score!

Watching the score advance through the ranks is a major motivator for kids. As the math problems get more difficult, the child is able to accumulate more points and race up the charts faster - but racing means doing more math problems correctly in less time. In effect, they are learning how to do math more effectively.

online math games
Achievement Certificate

Best of all, at certain major milestones, Carrotsticks will award the child a certificate of achievement, which gets mailed to the parent's email address. The parent can print out the certificate and hand write the child's name in the fields.

The sense of pride and accomplishment is what really motivates kids to continue practicing. Without even realizing it, while they are having so much fun, they are gaining critical math skills as well.

Written August 31, 2010 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

02/16/2018 David
what happened to it Because I loved that game.

12/04/2017 daniel inman
this game is awesome i game on it every night

10/30/2017 Jess
PLEASE BRONG CARROT STICKS BACK I MAY BE IN 9Th Grade But i suck at math and this website help me thru a lot

07/07/2017 maddison telfer
this game is great for my children and also this game process helped my son get an *A in maths and he is now police officer so i would like to thank carrot sticks games for helping my son get a great job and career thank you ever so much your sicerly maddison telfer

04/25/2017 David
Why did you shutdown the website it was so fun and i thought that it was the best game ever

09/18/2016 bob
I would like to say that you should bring that good game back so children could play and also learn something.

11/29/2015 anis

11/23/2015 tristian
best game ever my daugters friend said i cant go on it

12/19/2010 prakash
Respected Sir, I am the father of two children and i am very impressed for your software

12/19/2010 prakash
Respected Sir, I am the father of two children and i am very impressed for your software

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