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Aplusclick.com - Free Math and Logic Problems

For math and logic problems, A+ Click is the place to go. The website features a large selection of interactive math problems for first through 12th grade. Problems cover multiple areas of math, including geometry, algebra, data analysis and general numbers and operations. All problems contain visual illustrations to make them easier for children to solve.

Simple, Ad-Free Learning

While many math game and practice websites are loaded down with ads, one of the main appeals of A+ Click is that it offers a simple, ad-free format. It also does not rely on fancy, interactive graphics and other technology. Instead, the website is focused on providing high quality math problems for students. When you click on a grade-level or subject, you are shown all of the available questions for that section. Clicking on a question takes you to the interactive version of the problem where you can choose the correct answer to the question. Answer the question correctly and you can go directly to the next question. Answer five correctly and you have the option to move up in difficulty or stay on the same level.

Aplusclick math website

Analyzing the Questions

A+ Click contains over 2,000 questions ranging from really easy to very difficult. The questions are not 2,000 of the same time of question either. While all questions are presented in a multiple-choice format, they succeed in offering students different ways to practice using the same skills. For example, a student may be asked to add 2+3, and then use similar addition skills to count the holes in buttons and come up with the total. Whether they answer the question correctly or not, students are provided with a short explanation of the answer to help reinforce the concept being taught.

The only downside to the website is the wording of some of the questions and the pictures they contain. Some of the questions are worded awkwardly. For example, a first grade math question asks “which animal has not four legs?” which could be confusing to young students. In other cases, the wording is fine, but the pictures do not match up with what the question is asking. For example, a collage of numbers accompanies a word problem about animals and distracts children from the problem itself. For the most part, however, the problems are minor compared to the benefits of the website.

Awkward wording in a question

Using A+ Click

The questions on A+ Click are organized by general topic, but not by skill. Therefore, it may not work well for helping students practice a specific skill such as addition or finding area. However, it will work well for helping students at all levels brush up on their math skills in general. When they are done playing, students, parents and teachers can look at the statistics to see basic areas of weakness by level and subject.

Student Statistics

Overall, students will enjoy going through the questions and trying to advance in level. On the front page of the website is a leaderboard displaying the latest high scores and students with a competitive streak will try to get their names at the top of the board. That competitive aspect, combined with a simple format and engaging graphics makes A+ Click a valuable resource when it comes to building math skills.

Written September 28, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger


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09/13/2016 Abdurahgiem Dollie
Why can't I access www.aplusclick.com any more?

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