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Top 2011 Online Science Resources

If there is a single most popular subject for coverage on websites across the Internet, it is science.

There are websites that offer valuable, free content on topics like space exploration, chemistry, biology, electronics and gadgets, physics and much more.

Not all of these sites are created by scientists, and so not all of them are really appropriate or fact-based enough to be utilized inside of a science classroom.

Luckily, writer Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers has put together an excellent list of 11 top online Science resources for both educators and students.

A few of the best examples Byrne offers in this article includes Google Body Browser from Google Labs, which allows students to view the human body from 360 degrees, and to virtually "dissect" that model by removing layers of bone, muscle and organs.

Other site featured by Byrne was Celestia, a high-quality virtual space exploration program completely loaded with valuable educational activities at the Celestia website.

Additional sites listed by Byrne included the popular chemistry site ChemEd DL, the hundreds of videos offered at the University of Pennsylvania Health System website, and the Knotebooks web service that lets teachers create and share lessons made from video, images and text.

If you are a Science teacher, you are sure to find something very valuable to include in your Science curriculum if you visit Byrne's list of 11 Science resources online.

Written February 2, 2012


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