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Top 2011 Social Studies Websites

Many students often report that Social Studies is the most "boring" subject in school.

It is true that the subject matter often covered within the Social Studies curriculum includes historic timelines, dry speeches from the past, and political drama that most students have little interest in at such a young age.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers offers a list of 11 Social Studies resources from the Internet that can help teachers infuse some excitement into the subject matter, and re-energize students into getting more interested and involved.

For example, the Historypin website lets teachers attach historic images to Google Maps Streetview images in order to show students how the history they are learning about took place right in their own back yards.

Another website, European Virtual Museum, is a fascinating website that offers visitors a 3D virtual tour of a list of historic museums throughout Europe. Students can explore the museums and observe artifacts in full view and from many sides.

Additional websites covered by Byrne that you can use to enhance your Social Studies classroom experience includes the documentary film website Snag Learning, a website where students can actually create their own documentaries called JayCut, and Byrne also describes how you can use a resource like Google Earth to tour ancient places on earth, or study regions of the world using facts and information embedded into Google Earth by other users.

After exploring this list of Social Studies resources on the web, you'll realize just how easy it is to utilize technology that can excite and inspire your students to learn more about history and society.

Written February 2, 2012

Social Studies

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