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Top 2011 Sites For Foreign Language Learning

Learning a new langauge is something that many students will have to go through at some point in their education. Language skills do not stop with the English or Language Arts class. A well rounded education always includes a second or third language course.

For some students, learning a new language comes naturally. For others, it can be a very difficult struggle to pick it up.

Thankfully, there are lots of resources on the Internet that can make the process of learning a new language a whole lot easier for students, and they can also make it a lot easier on teachers that may be having a hard time helping certain students understand the language concepts.

Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers published a great list of 11 world language resources. All of the sites and resources listed would be extremely helpful for any language teacher, or for parents that may want to help their children perform better in world language classes.

One of the best online resources listed by Byrne is Repeat After Us, a free online library of text and audio that students can listen to and repeat to achieve better skills in a new language. Learning the written language is hard enough, but when it comes to learning exactly how to pronounce certain words or phrases, Repeat After Us is a huge help.

Another great site on the list is Voxy, which utilizes interesting content like news and pop culture to draw in the interest of students. The site offers spoken audio pronounciation of highlighted words, so that as they are reading interesting content, students can also gain even more exposure to the language.

Other interesting sites listed by Byrne include the audio word pronunciation wiki called Forvo, the vocabulary site full of activities called Wordsteps, and a site that uses images to teach the true meaning of phrases called CAPL.

Check out Byrne's list of 11 world language resources to see these and all of the other suggested sites.

Written April 18, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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