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6 Websites with Free Printable Flags for Children

Kid with flagsWhether you're teaching children about history, geography or world politics, using free, printable flags for children offers a very visual way to turn a dry subject into an exciting one.

From a very early age, children start learning through pictures. Even a child as young as a year old can page through picture books and follow along with visual stories. As children get older, they learn to read text, but pictures continue providing important learning cues.

This is why grade school history textbooks always include images and photos from the past - as a way to help establish the reality of those past events and to aid in remembering important moments in the past.

In the same way, printable flags for children offer another learning tool for teachers to use. While imagery on the flags of today can help teach children about the cultures and belief systems of the people they represent, the evolution of those flags - how they've changed over the decades - also provides an important lesson about how the country or state that the flag represents has changed as well. The following websites offer resources for parents and teachers to download full-color flag images, coloring pages and even information about the design and history of world flags.

Printable World Flags is a website devoted entirely to providing free, full-color reproductions for flags all across the world. From the main page, there's an alphabetical index where you can click on the name of the country that you're looking for.

printable flags for children
Printable World Flags Index of Flags

The index provides a nice visual list, with small icons for the main country flag. When you click on any of the links, you're offered another list of all of the flags for that country with a title for each one. The images are not always perfect replicas, but they are reproductions created by a graphics program. For most flags, these are perfect images to show kids what world flags look like.

Coloring Castle - One of the best sites to teach younger children about the flags of the world is Coloring castle. The flag coloring pages section on Coloring Castle provides an excellent collection of flags for most of the major countries in the world.

printable flags for children
Coloring Castle Main Listing of countries

Just click on the country you're interested in, and you'll discover a high quality blank flag in PDF format. This makes it very simple to print the flag so that it fills an entire page - perfect printable flags for children to color. You can select from just a blank flag, or you can select the option that includes the color key for that particular flag.

Flags of the World - This website offers a very comprehensive listing of all of the flags of the world. While the design of the website is very simple, the content is vast. Here, you'll find nice, large color images of any flag for just about any country in the world.

printable flags for children
CRW Flags Flag Page for Argentina

In addition to a nice image of the national flag, you'll also find informational resources that describe the meaning and construction of the flag, a display of the national emblem for that country, and other information related to that country and the markings found on the flag. This is a great site to offer children who need to do research on world flags.

printable flags for children
A Clickable World Map

From the main page, if you click on the "clickable maps" link, you're presented with a very useful clickable map of the entire world. If there's a specific region of the world that you'd like to explore and find maps for, just click through the map and it'll bring you to zoomed-in maps for that region of the world.

printable state flags
An Icon List of Regional Flags

Some regions of the world are separated into smaller regions within a country that have their own unique flags. For example, in the United States, every State has its own flag, so Flags of the World offers a nice visual chart where you can browse through the states and see a small icon of the flag. Select on small, medium or large to view the corresponding images of the flag in that size.

Kid Zone - Kid Zone is a very large research site for kids. It includes information on Geography, Language Arts and even Lesson Plans and Magic Tricks. Information is also sorted by grade level, which makes it easier for teachers to locate free teaching resources.

printable state flags
Kid Zone Index of U.S. State Flags

The Geography section includes an excellent resource for teachers and parents. while the country selection is very limited, the value of the resources makes up for it. However, if you're looking primarily for U.S. flags, then this is the site for you. The U.S. State flag section lists information about not only the State flag, but also state symbols (like the state bird and the state flower).

printable state flags
Kid Zone Printable Flags for Coloring

The reason this website is so valuable is because it offers a color page for each U.S. State's flag as well as the map of the state. The coloring pages themselves are informative. They offer some basic background information about the flag, such as when the current flag was adopted by the state, and it describes the flag coloring as well. Children can use this as a guide to color in the blank flag image.

Kid's Domain - The Kids Domain main site is now officially Kaboose, but if you do a search on Kaboose for "flags," you'll discover a number of very useful resources to teach children about flags. One of the best resources is a PDF printable handout that teacher's could use to quiz students.

free printable flags

The printable handout lists flags from throughout American history, and then lists twelve descriptions of those flags at the bottom of the handout. It's up to students to connect the descriptions with the graphical representation of the flag.

ABC Teach - In the nautical world, mariners make use of flags with different designs to represent letters. Many elementary grade school teachers like to teach these alphabet flags to students, and ABC Teach helps by offering both an illustration and a coloring page for each of these unique flag designs.

free printable flags

The illustration link takes you to a web page where you can print (or download) a full color image of the alphabet flag. If you click on the coloring page link, it takes you to a PDF page where you can print a full-page black and white image of the Alphabet flag that children can color.

When you explore the world of printable flags for children, you'll discover opportunities to utilize imagery and symbols that represent not only a country or a region of the world, but the full history and culture of that area. By closely examining world flags with children, you can show them that there's far more to a nation's flag than just pretty colors or images. Flags represent the beliefs and values that unite the people of that country. By teaching children this at a young age, they will come to appreciate the value of other cultures throughout the world.

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Written February 28, 2010 by Ryan Dube

Social Studies

User Reviews & Comments

12/19/2014 Dave Lumerman
Another great resource, coloring flags with Crayola color guide. http://www.lil-fingers.com/coloring/flags.php

03/01/2010 Amy Jones
Don't forget Wikimedia! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/National_insignia. Lots of flags there!

03/01/2010 Amy Jones
Don't forget Wikimedia! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/National_insignia. Lots of flags there!

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