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Free Online Educational Elementary Tools for Teachers

Elementary school teachers enjoy one of the most unique careers in the world. It is one of those few, rare jobs where you are responsible for the future of the entire world, yet you receive the fewest resources of most other job roles. Emergency personnel, corporate executives and technology professionals all receive appropriate funding to purchase all of the tools that they need for their work, yet teachers are often forced to go out and seek out their own tools and reference material, often using their own personal cash reserve to do so. This is unfortunate, because the impact that the elementary school teacher has upon the world is far more profound than most other public roles.

The tools that teachers need are many. From issuing homework lessons, to distributing in-class materials, to appropriately measuring and responding to the learning progress of individual students - teachers are faced with a multitude of needs when it comes to providing an effective and productive educational experience for young children. This article will focus on some of the more common needs of the elementary school teacher, and where they can find the best free online educational elementary tools.

Free Elementary Math Worksheets

One of the most sought after resource among grade school teachers are free elementary math worksheets. While finding free worksheets for other subjects, like English, social studies or science don't seem quite as difficult - useful and educational math worksheets that are affordable are often difficult to find. One particular website that's especially useful is Math-Drills.com

free math worksheets for elementary students

Math-Drills is supported primarily by the advertising found throughout the website, which makes tolerating the advertising very easy, because the worksheets that you'll find here are very high quality. Click on any of the topics at the top - Multiplication, Subtraction, Fractions and more - and you'll find a whole library of links to PDF files of fantastic free math worksheets for elementary students that you can print. Other top resources for free elementary math worksheets include the following websites.

Free Award Certificates for Students

Often, some of the most inspiring moments in the classroom come when teachers provide students with recognition for something that they've excelled in. More than most other motivational approaches, public recognition remains one of the leading psychological motivators that inspire students to continue improving in their learning. One of the ways many teachers inspire their students is through award certificates presented in class or at a school assembly. These are the moments when free award certificates for students are especially useful.

One of the most useful sites to download free, professional looking certificates is FreePrintableCertifcates.net.

free awards certificates for elementary students

In particular, the kids' section features wonderfully formatted free award certificates for students that you can print and frame. There are many non-school related certificates, but there are also many very useful to teachers like Preschool Achievement, School Achievement, Writing Achievement and even Honor Roll certificates. Other top resources for free certificates include the following websites.

Free Easy Readers for Elementary Students

When elementary school teachers are dealing with emergent readers, they want to encourage a child's love of reading and passion for imaginative stories, while also instilling the important principles that serve as the foundation for lifelong reading skills. During elementary school years, easy-to-read books called "easy readers" are valuable tools for teachers. For this reason, free easy readers for elementary students are one of the most important online resources for elementary education. One of the best online resources for easy readers is TarHellReader.org.

free easy readers for elementary

The categories at TarHealReader cover so many genres - health, fairy tales, animals, the alphabet and many more. Teachers can set up a PC or Laptop in a visible place where students can see it and read through the online easy reader with students. The words and pictures are large and very easy to read. Teachers can even click on "Write a book" and create their own easy reader to share on the site.

Other top resources for free easy readers for elementary children include the following websites.

Teachers have enough responsibilities and demands to worry about, finding valuable resources for education shouldn't be one of them. The free resources above provide elementary school educators with valuable tools they can use to enhance the learning experience in their classroom.

Written January 31, 2010 by Ryan Dube

Mathematics , Reading

User Reviews & Comments

09/05/2012 Bryan
Great list of sites - the math-drills.com one looks interesting. I also found a www.knowledgemouse.com which has a arithmetic quiz creator. You can also make word search puzzles and flash cards with it. It seems to be free.

12/08/2011 Mary Nelson
with due respect I want to use this opportunity to thank you for all your effort but I need your help in leadership on how to coordinate our school to the best standered

02/21/2010 lal kadel
I am so much greatful to this site creater.As I am a teacher I found very much effective teaching guidelines which is truely useful in classroom teaching.Further,I hope some mathmatics books for special needs.Will you be able to send in my E-mail those books which are desined for special needs. Best Regards

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