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Top 9 Free Software And Websites For Learning Spanish

For some reason, finding truly free resources for learning languages on the Internet is extremely difficult.

It is sometimes possible to find limited free resources, but usually the website is set up primarily to sell you something. Other times, you may find a website full of free resources, but the tools on the site are such low quality that they really aren't useful at all.

Thankfully, there are a number of altruistic organizations and website owners that create websites simply for the love of the Spanish language, and to help spread the understanding and use of that language around the world.

In this article, you'll discover a total of nine websites for learning Spanish. They vary in size and by the number of free tools that are available. However, the one thing that you'll find in common among all of them is that they offer good quality, useful resources that are absolutely free.


On the surface, Spanicity isn't much to look at. The main site consists of virtually no graphics and all text listing mostly just links to other areas of the website. However, when you start exploring the site, you'll quickly realize just both the volume and the value of the resources that you'll find there.

learn spanish online
Spanicity Audio Resources

In particular, you'll find a whole assortment of audio files, with the links placed next to the words or phrases. The text is in both Spanish and English, and all you have to do to hear the spoken Spanish phrase is to click on the "play" button. Hearing the language spoken is one of the fastest ways to learn a new language.

1 2 3 Teach Me

Another excellent site with lots of tools and resources for learning Spanish is 123TeachMe. This website includes fun games, conversational and grammar courses, placement tests and alphabet help, and even a section called "Spanish for Kids".

learn spanish online
123TeachMe Main Page

While the website may not have absolutely everything you need to learn Spanish in one place, it does have enough resources - including Worksheets and access to paid online tutors - that it can be a very valuable tool as part of your overall Spanish studies.

Learn Language

The Learn Language website is about one thing and one thing only - learning how to speak different languages. In the Spanish section, it's much like Spanicity, where the main page consists primarily of links to other sections of the site. However, once you start exploring, you'll realize just how valuable the site is. You'll find a Spanish Dictionary, a blog, a Spanish Forum, and even a game area called "Lingo Dingo" where you can test your wits against the clock by coming up with word translations before the phrase makes it to the top of the screen.

learn spanish online
The Lingo Dingo Games

This site is proof that when it comes to sites about learning languages, you will find most of the best resources when you really dig into the site and start exploring.

Free World U

Free World U is the type of site that you would not expect would have many resources for learning Spanish. It is a website that is dedicated as a "free online pre K-12 accredited school." This is essentially an online school that homeschoolers can use to supplement their materials. Once you click through the site, you will in fact discover a section on learning Spanish.

learn spanish free online
Spanish Lessons at Free World U

At Free World U, you'll find an "Exploring Languages: Spanish" section in the Tenth Grade curriculum. There, you can view online lessons on numbers, colors, the weather, telling time, and grammar.


One of the few Spanish websites you'll find that actually has a well-designed front page is OnlineFreeSpanish. The title of the site isn't very creative, but just the main page alone shows you just how much you'll get out of the website.

learn spanish free online
Main Page of OnlineFreeSpanish

As you can see, there are almost two dozen major areas to explore here, including activities, dialogues, lessons, books, articles, printables and much more. In the activities area, you'll find lots of games that younger children would like to play too.

learn spanish free online
Activities at OnlineFreeSpanish

All of these are valuable resources that can bolster your efforts to learn Spanish.

Spanish Word a Day

Another great website that you should add to your language arsenal is Spanish Word-a-Day. This website is a little misleading, because from the main page it looks like its only purpose is to let you sign up to receive one Spanish word explanation every day.

learn spanish
Spanish Word-a-Day Main Page

However, the truth is that if you explore the left navigation bar, you'll discover other great resources like a Verb Trainer, Spanish Conversation Classes, and even a section for eBooks.

Spanish Daddy

There are some sites out there that have paid products very well infused with the free resources that it offers. Spanish Daddy is one of those sites. However, if you can avoid clicking on any of the Google Ads, you'll find some great free areas like sports terms, school and office vocabulary and much more.

learn spanish
Learn about Verbs

It also offers plenty of areas where you can go to learn the basics like verbs, nouns and grammar.

Que Onda Spanish

One of the best sites on this list is called Que Onda Spanish. This website provides dozens of well-made video tutoring sessions including beginner, grammar, travel, business and much more.

learn spanish
Que Onda Audio Lessons

The volume of videos that are available at this website are very impressive, and the quality of the videos makes this website one of the most valuable bookmarks that you can add to your entire toolbox of language-learning resources.

Spanish News Bites

Aside from just learning how to speak spanish, it's just as important to learn how to read it. One of the best ways to practice that skill is regularly reading Spanish News. Luckily, a site called Spanish Newsbites brings you regularly updated news in Spanish.

learn spanish
Read Spanish News

Reading news every day lets you fully immerse yourself into the world of the Spanish language in a way that is both meaningful and valuable to your daily life. This will keep you motivated to continue practicing your reading skills often.

Because it can be so difficult to find free language resources online, the best solution is to bookmark all of these tools, and then use them collectively as an entire toolset to teach yourself Spanish over time.

Written December 5, 2011 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

12/19/2012 learn spanish online
this all software i gated. so such as all learning Spanish software is better......

All the resources that you provided are very useful for learning Spanish language and also the free software are very helpful.

11/20/2012 Jozi
http://www.easylanguageexchange.com/ Great Language learning site if your looking to practice with a native speaker! Like a language exchange

09/11/2012 Mandarin lessons
China is the most populated country in the world and has hundreds of millions of children who want to learn how to speak English. Chinese students face unique difficulties when learning the English language because they do not have an alphabet and are unfamiliar with some of the basic structures of English grammar, such as past, present and future tense. If instructors are aware of the specific challenges Mandarin-speaking students face, they will be equipped to meet these challenges and facilitate the learning process. Thanks. Regards, http://www.learnmandarin.com.au/

04/18/2012 Jerónimo
You can also find some Spanish video lessons in this website: [url]http://www.spanish-online-courses.com/en/spanish-free-video-lessons.html[/url]

04/04/2012 Michael Walmsley
I have created a FREE site called FERN that is primarily focused on learning to READ Spanish and learn vocabulary. We have integrated it into the Spanish classes at my University. I would be interested in what people think! Try http://fern.nzdl.org/about Give it a try!!

01/02/2012 Vicente
I know another web to learn spanish online. Lengalia (http://www.lengalia.com/en/learn-spanish-online.html)

12/05/2011 John
Great list. Don't forget the excellent BBC website! http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/

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