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10 Sites to Print Different Graph Paper for Your Projects

If you are a teacher that is hoping to work on projects in the classroom that involve the use of graphing paper, then you know that actually purchasing supplies of graph paper isn't always inexpensive. If you're the parent of a student and you've had to buy educational supplies that include graph paper, then you know that too.

Thankfully, the Internet provides a lot of opportunity to save money with many websites where you can download free graph paper. All you need is a printer, ink and paper, and you can print off your own supply of all sorts of graph paper designs without spending any money at all.

Not all printable graph paper sites are created equal, so if you're looking for a good source of free graph paper, then the following list can help. Here, you'll find a great selection of sites that have a wide selection of designs to choose from, or that actually let you design the paper using interactive online web tools.

The following list includes ten of the best printable graph paper websites on the Internet.

Math Bits

Mathbits is deceiving, because it's one of the simplest looking websites, but offers the best variety of printable graph paper of them all.

printable graph paper
MathBits Graph Paper and Grids

There is a good assortment of regular rectangular graph paper designs with different axis formatting options, but you'll also find interesting x-y coordinate paper, labeled unit circle graphs, polar graphs and even simple dot paper. Clicking the links will take you to a one-page PDF, where you can print as many copies as you like. Each page will feature "MathBits.com" at the bottom.

Donna Young Math Paper

The website Donna Young is a website of homeschooling resources, and includes a section for each subject matter area. The math section has a "Paper" tab that includes 6 types of free printable graphing paper, including math paper, number lines, two pages of graph paper, scale and coordinate grids.

printable graph paper
Sets of Free Graph Paper

The site is nicely formatted, so it's a pleasure to browse through the available printouts. Each selection gives you the size and printer settings for that page. Clicking on each link brings you to a professionally formatted PDF, without any required promotional text on the page.

The Math Worksheet Site

The Math Worksheet site is a good place to go if you just need a quick printout of gridlined paper. Just use the form to select your options - full page or quarter page multiples, numbered or unnumbered. Then click "Create It" and you're done.

free graph paper
Math Worksheet Generator

This creates a standard worksheet that is typically used in math or algebra to chart out data values and graph them on an x-y coordinate system. There are no frills here, just a simple x-y graphing chart numbered or unnumbered, and a small link to the site at the bottom right.

Worksheet Works

WorksheetWorks.com is probably the most functional graph paper generating web apps of them all. It offers a long list of customizable options for you to choose from to design the exact style of worksheet that you need for your classroom.

free graph paper
WorksheetWorks Web App

The output PDF file is very precise and professional-looking. The settings work well and the output worksheet is produced very fast, considering just how highly customizable it is. You'll have to deal with the copyright URL at the bottom of the sheet, but for free printable graph paper, who can complain?

PCMan Worksheets

The PCMan website takes a unique and innovative approach to offering free graph paper to readers. Instead of producing a formatted PDF printout that people can save or print immediately, this website takes your formatting options and then outputs a webpage that you can print.

free graph paper
Pcman Graph Paper Printout

The options are very simple - just two selections for grid size and gridline color. When you click "Create My Graph Paper", a new page opens with a background made entirely of gridlines. All you have to do is print the webpage and you have your free worksheet. Keep in mind that while this is fast and easy, there are no selections to include any axis labels or numbers.

Waterproof Paper

If you prefer browsing through pages of options rather than using web apps, then WaterproofPaper.com is probably for you. This site has a decent selection of common graph paper, from isometric dots to polar graphs or ternary paper.

graph paper to print
Waterproof Paper Selection

The printouts at this site are all PDF as well. If you use the colored options, make sure you have the right ink or the printouts will come out blank. There is also a url link to waterproof-paper.com on every printout - the only price for these free printouts.

Video Math Teacher

Another selection-style site is Video Math Teacher, where the offerings are focused on the sort of worksheets that math students or teachers would need. Choices here include things like trigonomic, conic, polar graphs or 3D graph paper.

graph paper to print
Free Graph Paper Choices

One interesting feature of this site is that the output isn't in PDF format, but instead in Microsoft Word. So, if you prefer using MS Word, then this may be your best option.


Graphpaper.us is an aptly named website that has one purpose alone. It lets you use a simple form - a graph paper generator - to produce a customized, printable worksheet. The customizations aren't quite as elaborate as other sites, but you can choose squares per inch, the darkness of the axis, and the darkness of the grid. You can also select the grid color.

Graph Paper Generator

The resulting printout is a PDF form with very small URL text at the very top of the page.

Math Warehouse

Math Warehouse is another educational website focused on offering math resources to math students and teachers. One of the resources offered at the site is a "Graph Paper Maker", where you can slightly customize the coordinate plane and then generate the sheet.

graph paper
Math Warehouse Generator

The output for this generator isn't PDF or a Word Document, instead you'll get the resulting sheet in the form of a picture file.


Incompetech offers a nice selection of both libraries and generators. There is nothing special about the site itself, but what makes it stand apart is the variety. Here, you'll find brick layout, engineering paper, a "moorish pattern" and even log templates and storyboard specialty patterns.

graph paper
Variety at Incompetech

As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from when you're looking for the perfect graph paper for your classroom.

The only difficulty that you might have is choosing just one resource to get your printable sheets. So, try out a few of them and test which printouts work better for your students. With so many options, you're bound to find the perfect worksheets for your needs.

Written June 4, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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