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10 Websites With Easy Crafts for Kids

Crafts KidOne of the most common activities for kids in schools and homes across the world is crafts. Crafts help children exercise their creativity by creating something completely new and wonderful out of a mix of materials.

Crafting is also an excellent activity to use in the classroom as part of a regular educational program. Children can create crafts toward a specific theme, like history or science. Crafting can transform a classroom topic into an exciting and meaningful experience for school children.

The following list represents ten of the best online resources for craft ideas that you can use with kids either in the classroom or at home. The following websites are all free and feature crafts on many different themes and using a wide variety of materials. Use them to find the perfect craft project for your kids or students.


Crayola is one of the most popular online destinations for anyone interested in crafts. Crayola is famous for their crayons and craft supplies, so it's little surprise that Crayola also offers one of the best craft websites on the Internet.

kids crafts
Crayola Crafts

While the Crayola website offers a variety of activities, such as games, coloring pages and even areas for parents and educators, the "Craft Ideas" area is probably the most visited section. You'll find a useful search page where you can sift through all of the craft ideas by theme, type or even what product you want to use.


DLTK Kids is a site that offers kids projects and activity ideas. It doesn't have any frills or extra features, but the craft ideas that you'll find here are excellent.

kids crafts

From the main page, when you click on any of the general categories, you'll discover subcategories that explore a whole world of themes and craft ideas. Within each section you'll find all sorts of craft projects like paper crafts, roll crafts, printable puzzles and much more.


If there's any website that should be a starting point for your craft search, Kaboose is definitely it. While Kaboose covers an assortment of general topics like parenting or health, the craft section is just amazing - with thousands of craft ideas. You'll never run out of things to do with your kids.

kids crafts
Kaboose Crafts

Kaboose makes finding a craft project very easy. In addition to featured content at the top of the page, you'll also discover a useful "Craft Finder" search form where you can search through the thousands of crafts by keyword, holiday or even by which projects are appropriate for certain ages.

Crafts for Kids

On the aptly named website, Crafts for Kids, you'll find more fun and creative craft projects than almost any other site on the Internet. The site contains volumes of project ideas in a well formatted layout that's easy to print out and follow along.

easy crafts for kids
Crafts for Kids

The site was built around the premise of a public broadcasting television show that offers series of great craft shows for children. There's even a section of the site where you can download episodes of the latest series. There's also a section for teachers as well.

Amazing Moms

At the Amazing Moms website, it's all about activities and fun with kids and family. While you'll find party ideas, recipes and more at this site, the most popular section is the Arts & Crafts section.

easy crafts for kids
Amazing Moms Arts & Crafts

Here, you'll find mosaics, paper crafts, painting and coloring ideas and even food art that you can create with your children. This site is definitely geared toward parents, but you'll find excellent classroom activity ideas as well.

Activity Village

Activity Village, a website based in the UK, is one of the most well organized activity sites filled with a wide range of fantastic activity ideas to do with your kids or students. The upper menu is arranged by type of activity and includes sections such as printables, origami, coloring pages and of course crafts.

easy crafts for kids
Activity Village Crafts

If you want a well rounded mix of activities to do with your kids beyond just crafts, then Activity Village is definitely one of the first sites you should take a look at.

Artists Help Kids

The website created by the organization "Artists Help Kids" is a wonderful collection of crafts created by artists just for kids. Just the artwork at this site is fun to see - all hand drawn icons and images that kids will love.

free kids crafts
AHC Arts & Crafts

At AHC Arts and Crafts you'll find coloring pages, crafts projects, paper folding and even instructional pages on how to draw or how to do a mural.

Free Kids Crafts

If you find that other websites don't have enough ideas for you, then Free Kids Crafts is definitely a site that you will want to check out. Unlike most other sites, this site is set up like a blog. This means that every day you check back, there will be a brand new craft idea for today.

free kids crafts
Free Kids Crafts Craft a Day

The daily craft is organized in an easy format, with a picture of the completed craft on the right, supplies on the left and the detailed instructions below. You'll never run out of things to do!

Martha Stewart

Anyone who knows anything about Martha Stewart knows that her projects are some of the most unique and beautiful crafts that you could ever find.

free kids crafts
Martha Stewart Crafts

Martha Stewart offers lots of printable projects in an easy to read format that you can complete with your children. These include clip art, scrapbooking and holiday activities.


Disney is famous for doing everything perfect, and the Disney-owned FamilyFun website is no exception.

crafts for kids
FamilyFun Crafts

At the FamilyFun crafts section has easy recipes, crafts and printables that you can use in your home or in the classroom. You'll even find how-to videos that will guide you along.

Creating crafts with children is one of the most intimate and memorable ways to teach children, instill important lessons and create lasting memories. If you have a hard time coming up with your own ideas, any of the sites above will provide the inspiration you need to get started.

Written November 2, 2010 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

01/11/2015 Michelle Guilbeau
www.craftkitsforkids.com We are your one stop shop for craft kits for kids at very reasonable prices. We offer easy kids crafts and fun kids crafts that help a kid grow artistically at his or her own pace.

09/29/2011 Nancy
Another interesting site: http://craftsideasforkids.com/category/arts-and-crafts/holidays/christmas

09/29/2011 Nancy
Another interesting site: http://craftsideasforkids.com/category/arts-and-crafts/holidays/christmas

11/15/2010 Maricar
this is really helpful :) thanks! www.shewritesyouwrite.com

11/15/2010 Maricar
this is really helpful :) thanks! www.shewritesyouwrite.com

11/03/2010 Sam
Another great site for family crafts to do with kids is ZiggityZoom. Lots of free educational printables also. http://ZiggityZoom.com

11/03/2010 Sam
Another great site for family crafts to do with kids is ZiggityZoom. Lots of free educational printables also. http://ZiggityZoom.com

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