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Marianne Wartoft

This site is created and maintained by me, Marianne Wartoft.

I live in Uppsala, Sweden, and I've been writing educational shareware and freeware for over a decade. You can find my software (Seterra, Sebran etc) at my website http://www.wartoft.nu/software

During my years as a freeware author, I have come across many good pieces of educational software that I would like to share with others. That's why I created this site.

The line between downloadable, installable software and online resources is getting less and less sharp - both kinds of software often serve the same purpose. I include them both on this site. The downloadable programs all run under Windows, and in some cases under Linux as well. The online resources are, of course, generally available under any operating system.

If you want to contact me, please email info@educational-freeware.com. I welcome any tips, comments or feedback!

/ Marianne Wartoft

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