Take a Free Online Typing Test at TIPP10

Those wanting to take a free online typing test to learn their typing speed, or to train and improve their typing abilities, can benefit from TIPP10. The free 10-finger touch typing tutor works directly in your browser or installing the software to your desktop. Both provide access to TIPP10’s customizable lessons and in-depth analysis of your current typing skills. Read more...
    Take a Free Online Typing Test at TIPP10!

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Childsplay Brings Games for Kids to the PC Desktop

It isn't always easy to find high-quality, educational games that kids can play even on a computer that isn't connected to the Internet. Thankfully, a freeware app called Childsplay offers a variety of fun, educational games that young children will love to play.
Read more... (08/05/2013)


MyABC Alphabet Software Teaches Toddlers Their ABCs

Learning the alphabet is one of the first things that every young child must do prior to learning how to speak English. A free software application called MyABC can provide an extra learning opportunity for young children to learn their ABCs more quickly.
Read more... (08/05/2013)


Free Autodesk Educational Products to Learn Design Drawing

Numerous designers, architects, engineers and others in the building, entertainment and manufacturing industries regularly use Autodesk’s products in their work. Students interested in this industries and teachers who want to find unique ways to bring technology into their classrooms can also access and use a lot of the same software. Autodesk’s download center offers free versions of many of Autodesk’s products to help students learn about drawing and design.
Read more... (08/02/2013)


Plume Writing Software Can Teach Students How to Write a Novel

Many people think that writing a novel is a monumental, nearly impossible task. The reality is that a writing a novel actually represents a tremendous teaching opportunity, and Plume can help you bring that right into your classroom.
Read more... (07/19/2013)


Sproutonline.com Kids Games Are Perfect for the Classroom

One way to get kids to pay attention in class is to incorporate their favorite things. For young elementary students, some of those favorite things may include popular characters such as Angelina Ballerina and Thomas the Tank Engine. Angelina, Thomas and other favorite characters can be found as part of Sprout Kids’ games.
Read more... (07/10/2013)


Galaxycharts.com - Data Visualization for Any Dataset You Want to Analyze

One of the most important skills that students can learn that will help with future educational endeavors is the data visualization. The ability to analyze and visualize data can assist with solving complex problems in math, science and other subjects.
Read more... (07/04/2013)


Arcademicskillbuilders.com - Free Online Educational Arcade Games

It can be very difficult for a teacher or a parent to find truly free online educational games on the web these day. Most game sites geared toward kids are highly commercialized, and not always entirely educational.
Read more... (07/02/2013)


How Staples is Teaching Young Adults to Care

Young people around the country are connecting with DoSomething.org to help find funding for their causes. While many are spearheading their own national campaigns, others are joining in on campaigns started by companies such as Staples. In fact, in 2012, over 73,000 peoples signed up to help Staples provide school supplies for kids in need and while many simply contributed to the national drive started by Staples, nearly 20,000 partnered with Staples to plan their own school supply drives.
Read more... (06/29/2013)


Scarleteen.com - A Sex Education Site Teens Will Want to Visit

Sex education can be an extremely difficult subject for both parents and teachers to talk about with students. However, when kids hit a certain age, they start having questions about their body, about how they're feeling, and about sexuality that need to be answered in a mature and educational way.
Read more... (06/29/2013)


Bringing the Nobel Prize into the Classroom

The Nobel Prize, established in 1901, awards individuals for their distinguished work in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peacemaking. Named for Swedish scientist and inventor Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious honors in the world.
Read more... (06/16/2013)


The PICsim Microcontroller Simulator Helps Inspire Young Engineers

Introducing technology to students in middle school or high school is never an easy task. Not only does a teacher have to deal with a lack of funds when planning out what tools to purchase for projects, but the concepts involved in technology can be rather advanced and difficult to present in younger grade levels.
Read more... (06/15/2013)


Starfall.com - Phonics And ABC Exercises Online

Starfall.com is a free on-line service that helps children learn to read. It includes a lot of ABC animations, animated interactive books and other reading exercises. There are also a lot of downloadable materials such as handouts for classroom use. They are also perfect for home schooling. The site is completely ad-free.
Read more... (06/07/2013)


The PreviSat Satellite Tracker Can Teach Navigation and Astronomy

It isn't always easy to capture the interest, or to spark the imagination of kids in the classroom. However, if you ask most kids what topics they find interesting, the most common answers will include space and technology.
Read more... (06/03/2013)


Manythings.org - A Site with Many Things for ESL Students

English as a second language is a unique subject compared to most others. Unlike standard school subjects, ESL requires a unique skillset from the teacher, and a whole different set of tools and techniques to effectively teach a second language.
Read more... (05/29/2013)


Amazon.com Deal Benefits that Could Greatly Help Students

Most college students are always on the hunt for deals. Little income combined with high college costs makes saving money a necessity. Amazon Student offers deals and shipping discounts to help college students save money in multiple ways.
Read more... (05/28/2013)


Studentreasures.com - Create a Book Online With Student Treasures

Instilling a love for literature and for reading in your students isn't always the easiest thing to do. However, a special online service called Student Treasures provides educators and teachers with a fun and convenient way to teach students what goes into the process of creating a book.
Read more... (05/23/2013)


How Discoveryeducation.com Can Help Teachers and Students in the Classroom

The Discovery Channel may be well known for producing high-quality science-based shows and videos, but Discovery Education goes beyond science. This website is a resource for students and teachers at all levels and subjects areas, offering games, lesson plans, videos and more to enhance instruction in the classroom.
Read more... (05/20/2013)


Zotero - A Convenient Way to Manage the Research Process

The Internet has revolutionized research papers. Students no longer need to toil over reference books in the library; multiple sources of information can be uncovered in just a few mouse clicks. Word processing programs that point out spelling and grammatical errors further simplify the process. However, programs like Zotero can help a great deal.
Read more... (05/15/2013)


Teach Artificial Intelligence to Students Using the Nero Game

The concept of intelligence is hard enough to teach young students, but by using the technology of artificial intelligence, it's possible to teach the topic in a simple way.
Read more... (05/03/2013)


Kidzworld.com – A Fun Online Hangout for Tweens

When it comes to letting their tweens use the Internet for entertainment, most parents want to know they are interacting in a safe place. Unfortunately for tweens, most safe spaces online also seem rather boring. Kidzworld, however, is anything but boring and provides tweens with a safe, highly entertaining place to play online.
Read more... (05/01/2013)

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